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  • How to set up water bill AutoPay for Grand Rapids plus-icon minus-icon

    When you have a water account on grpayit, you can set up automatic payments for hands off, hassle free bill payments. Users who enroll in water bill AutoPay will have their entire quarterly bill paid the day before it is due. Better yet, enrollees...
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  • Set up water bill AutoPay plus-icon minus-icon

    In order to setup AutoPay for your water bills, you must have a grpayit account created (See Create a grpayIt profile). Guest users cannot setup AutoPay at this time. After signing in and linking your account (see Link a water account), follow the...
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  • Changing your AutoPay payment method plus-icon minus-icon

    Follow the directions below to change the payment method for your grpayit water bill AutoPay:   1. First, sign in to grpayit using the profile that initially set up AutoPay, and click on the WaterBot dashboard.   2. Click on Manage AutoPay.      ...
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  • How do I cancel AutoPay? plus-icon minus-icon

    No longer want to have your Grand Rapids water bills paid automatically on grpayit? No problem! Follow the steps below to cancel AutoPay:   1. First, visit grpayit, click Continue to PayIt Login and sign in with the email address that was used to ...
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