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  • Enroll in a Monthly Plan on grpayit plus-icon minus-icon

    The Monthly Plan option allows Grand Rapids residents to setup 3 automatic payments towards their quarterly water bill on grpayit. Monthly Plan payments must be set up with each new quarterly water/sewer bill that is issued. To set up a Monthly Pl...
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  • Monthly Plan Availability plus-icon minus-icon

    There are four common reasons that explain why you may not see the Setup Monthly Plan option available for your bill on grpayit: A partial payment has already been made toward the bill The quarterly water/sewer bill is already past the due date T...
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  • Cancel a Monthly Plan on grpayit plus-icon minus-icon

    Follow the directions below to cancel your Monthly Plan on grpayit:   1. Sign in  and click Explore Service in the "Water & Sewer Services" section   2. Under the "Available Bills" section click on the quarterly bill with the Monthly Plan   3. U...
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