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  • Where to pay city property taxes in Grand Rapids plus-icon minus-icon

    Do you have a grand rapids city property tax payment due, and are looking for where to pay it?  Look no further than grpayit. The Official app of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the grpayit platform allows residents to make property tax payments for both ...
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  • Where to find your Grand Rapids personal property tax receipt  plus-icon minus-icon

    grpayit always keeps your Grand Rapids personal property tax information at your fingertips. No more thumbing through file cabinets or digging through that stack of papers on your desk for paper receipts. You can access information related to all ...
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  • Pay a property tax bill plus-icon minus-icon

    Follow the steps below to pay a property tax bill on grpayit:   1. After adding your property account(s) (see Add a property account to grpayit), select I would like to pay my bill. Note: From the dashboard, select the bill you'd like to pay or c...
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  • Pay multiple tax bills at one time plus-icon minus-icon

    You can easily make payments for several property tax bills in one transaction by following the steps below:    1. To begin, find your properties and add them to your profile (see Add a property account to your profile). If your properties are alr...
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  • Make a partial payment plus-icon minus-icon

    Grand Rapids Property Tax bills can either be paid in full or in part on grpayit. To make a partial payment, follow these steps:   1. Find your properties and add them to your profile (see Add a property account to your profile). If your propertie...
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  • How do I schedule a future payment? plus-icon minus-icon

    You can schedule a future payment for a property tax payment on grpayit. After reviewing the payment summary for your tax bill(s), you will be prompted to select a payment date for each of them. Follow the directions below to schedule a future pay...
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  • Payment Methods plus-icon minus-icon

    Property tax bills may be paid online using a traditional credit or debit card or with an ACH/eCheck payment. Note: Credit and debit card payments process immediately ACH/eCheck payments generally take 3-5 business days to clear You can add eith...
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