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  • How to Link Your Grand Rapids Trash Service on GR Payit  plus-icon minus-icon

    Paying for your Grand Rapids trash pickup online is hassle free when you use grpayit. With the user-friendly platform, Grand Rapids residents can make prepayments and even set up auto payments online with ease. Your Grand Rapids trash collection i...
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  • How to Reload Your Trash Account plus-icon minus-icon

    Follow the directions below to reload your "pay as you throw" trash account on grpayit:   1. Visit grpayit and click Continue to PayIt Login.   2. Sign in, create an account, or choose to Continue as guest. Note: Choosing to continue as a guest wi...
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  • How to Enroll in Autoreload for Automatic Payments plus-icon minus-icon

    Autoreload allows grpayit users to have their trash accounts automatically reloaded when the balance falls below the $10 minimum. Users enrolled in Autoreload will receive email notifications before and after a payment is made.  Follow the directi...
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  • How to Unenroll from Autoreload plus-icon minus-icon

    Follow the steps below to stop automatic reload payments from processing when your account balance falls below $10: 1. First, sign in to grpayit using the email address originally used to set up Autoreload. 2. Click on the TrashBot dashboard, and ...
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  • How to Update a Payment Method for Autoreload plus-icon minus-icon

    Follow the steps below to change the credit/debit card or bank account used for automatic payment reloads on your refuse account:   1. Visit grpayit and sign in with the email initially used to set up Autoreload.   2. Click on the TrashBot dashboa...
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  • Cancel My Service plus-icon minus-icon

    Please call the GR 311 team at 616-456-3000 to request to cancel your refuse services. They will be able to help cancel service at your former address, send a team to collect your refuse cart, and begin the refund process for any remaining balance...
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  • How to Unlink a Grand Rapids Trash Account plus-icon minus-icon

    You can follow the steps below to unlink a trash account from your grpayit profile. Unlinking the account will also mean you no longer receive email notifications for the trash account.   1. Sign in to grpayit and click on the TrashBot.   2. Click...
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