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  • Can You Pay A Water Bill Online in Grand Rapids? plus-icon minus-icon

    GRPayIt, powered by PayIt, allows residents to prepay and schedule automatic payments for a variety of city services, all using a secure digital wallet. Ready to get started? Here’s how you can pay a water bill online for the city of Grand Rapids:...
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  • Linking an Account plus-icon minus-icon

    To add a water account to your GR PayIt profile, search by using either: 1. The water account number which can be found on your bill 2. The owner's last name and house number The house number is the numerical portion of the address. For example, o...
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  • Unlinking from an Account plus-icon minus-icon

    Unlink your old water account by going to the WaterBot dashboard and selecting "Remove an account.” Select the address you would like removed, and click "Submit." Confirm you want to remove the account by selecting "Yes, remove this account." Sel...
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