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  • Finding a Property plus-icon minus-icon

    To make a payment towards your property tax bill, link the account to your GR PayIt profile. There are two ways you can search for your property once in the conversation: 1. The owner's last name and house number House number is the numerical port...
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  • Paying Property Tax Bills plus-icon minus-icon

    Property tax bills for the City of Grand Rapids can be paid directly through GR PayIt. To do this, link to your property in the TaxBot, review your current bill details, and select the "Pay Bill" option. You can submit your payment with a credit/d...
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  • Viewing Billing History plus-icon minus-icon

    Once you have linked your property and it appears on your home dashboard, viewing billing history is easy. Click on the TaxBot to view available bills, accounts you are linked to, and past payments made towards a property tax account you've linked...
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  • Unlinking from a Property plus-icon minus-icon

    If you've moved, you can unlink your old tax account by opening up the TaxBot dashboard and selecting "Remove an Account." When prompted, select your old address and click "Submit." Confirm you want to remove the account by selecting "Yes, remove ...
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  • Notifications plus-icon minus-icon

    You will receive an email confirmation receipt after you complete a bill payment, and we'll notify you before any scheduled payment is due to process.  After a property is linked to your account, you will receive email reminders when bills are cre...
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